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Oud 29-05-2005, 15:26
Weet iemand een goede site waar je engelse boekverslagen kan halen (in het engels geschreven).

Alvast bedankt
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Oud 29-05-2005, 17:13
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Hmmm ik moet binnenkort ook zo'n boekverslag maken in het engels heb alleen nog niet gezocht.
Everybody makes mistakes!
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Oud 30-05-2005, 09:08
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Leef je uit.
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Oud 30-05-2005, 19:17
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Oud 20-06-2005, 17:09
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Answer the following questions in English. Write full sentences. You may add pictures if you like.

1. Who is (are) the main character(s) in the book?
Wie zijn de hoofdpersonen in het boek?

The main character is Elizabeth Wakefield.

2. Write a few sentences about this (these) character(s).
Vertel in het kort wat over deze personen.

Elizabeth is a girl from our age. She has a boyfriend his name is Todd and she has a twin-sister her name is Jessica.

3. If you could be one of these characters who would you be? Why?
Als je ťťn van deze personen zou mogen zijn, wie zou je willen zijn en waarom?

If I could be one of these characters I would be Elizabeth, because she is a very nice and populair girl.

4. Where does the story take place?
Waar speelt het verhaal zich af?

The story takes place at school, by Lizís at home and at parties.

5. When does the story take place?
Wanneer speelt het verhaal zich af?

I donít know when the story takes place because it could be now, a few years ago or maybe in the future.

6. If you could change something in the story what would you change? Why?
Als je iets aan het verhaal zou mogen veranderen, wat zou je dan veranderen en waarom?

I donít want to change anything because I like the story as it is.

7. Which scene or event made the most impression upon you? Why?
Welke gebeurtenis in het boek heeft de meeste indruk op je gemaakt en waarom?

There was no scene that the most impressed me because I like al scenes.

8. Do you think that the book had a good ending? Explain your answer.
Vind je dat het boek een goed einde heeft? Leg dit uit.

Yes, I find that the book has a good end because Liz had her friends and her diary back. And she and Todd have a relationship.

9. Summarise the story in 50 Ė 100 words.
Geef een korte samenvatting van het boek.

In Sweet Valley High School, things are not going well for Elizabeth (Liz) Wakefield. Her boyfriend Todd breaks up with her.
People talk about Todd and his new girlfriend Peggy. At school one boy came to her, Kris Lynch. He asked her go to the dance with him. Actually she wanted go out with Todd, but he was going with Peggy, so Liz went with Kris. A few weeks later they go to the cinema. In Kris car he kissed her, she didnít want that. She tried to get out of the car, but Kris pulled her back. In the fight, her bag fell out of her hands. She put all her things back in her bag and went to home. When she came home, she couldnít find her diary. Later that week, she found her diary in her locker, but she didnít now how it was come there. The day after, Todd came to Liz and said she was the only one for him, so the came together again.

10. Finally, say what you think about the book. Would you recommend it to your classmates?
Geef tenslotte je mening over het boek.

It found it an interesting book, and I could learn about it. I have learned a lot of new words.
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