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zizaoo 04-08-2015 23:42

Hulp engels examens tegen vergoeding
Zoveel te doen voor Engels examens, graag hulp gehad bij een kleine opdracht, ben volgende week al aan de beurt. Korte uitleg erover en is tegen vergoeding; Neem maar contact op als je ge´nteresseerd bent om te helpen. alvast bedankt

Choose two talks from the list. Read some background about the speaker. Listen carefully to
what the speaker tells us and make notes while listening for the second (and third) time.
Extract the key ideas . Explore and analyse thoroughly using your marketing knowledge and
do some serious digging and research. Start researching around this theme and find at least
two additional, reliable and updated sources of information. Use hands-on sources as well as
reliable external sources and mention them in the ppt or prezi you are going to put all your
findings in.
Combine all this information in an objective analysis , put this in a visually strong ppt (or prezi)
and present this on the oral exam. Don't forget to mention the reason for you r selection of the
Ted Talks as well of your additional sources.

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