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Straatmeid 24-02-2020 22:14

In this topic speak we denglish
yes yes yes

how goes it with you?

Destruct! 24-02-2020 22:15


Straatmeid 24-02-2020 22:16

I have a long text now, my documents has now much words

i am very proud on it

well this is very difficult say

normal speak i not this language

Straatmeid 24-02-2020 22:17

can you imagine that much persons so speak

Straatmeid 24-02-2020 22:18

go they to the bar to order a beer

and then they say

ey do me but a beertje

Straatmeid 24-02-2020 22:19

but it lays always ons the foreigners, many persons can not understand foreigners, they can not so good english

Straatmeid 24-02-2020 22:22

okay i go weather on the work

Straatmeid 24-02-2020 22:23

I find my sentences really not so beautiful

Holland Oates 24-02-2020 22:27

I find it Nice to speak Englies like dis. But people thinking that I really not so goed am. And therfrom become I sad. Stupid, hé?

Straatmeid 24-02-2020 22:42

yes can i imagine it is much sad that people think that you are not good in english because i can see that you are very good in it!

Straatmeid 24-02-2020 22:44

i am typing a very difficult text. fortunately my english is very good but other it was nough difficulter

i hope that everybody is very happy with my words

hopeful they can count with their fingers all the words because in word it can not

Straatmeid 24-02-2020 22:46

i go sometimes to an other country i am so glad that i am so very good in english theretrough i have much things seen in my life and i have much people meet

Straatmeid 24-02-2020 22:47

but i think that you me understand here in

Not for Sale 25-02-2020 02:24

it goes tasty

Gordon Ramsay 25-02-2020 05:15

You fucking asshole. It’s raw!

Straatmeid 25-02-2020 09:11


Not for Sale schreef: (Bericht 34732597)
it goes tasty


Not for Sale 25-02-2020 11:55


PlezierigeDame schreef: (Bericht 34732603)

What stand you now to looking?

JaapieEleven 25-02-2020 11:58

its raining pipe stelen here

Straatmeid 25-02-2020 12:30


Not for Sale schreef: (Bericht 34732696)
What stand you now to looking?

Well i think that i have something from you on!

Pr0xy 14-03-2020 11:12


JaapieEleven schreef: (Bericht 34732702)
its raining pipe stelen here

Ha ha ha you sayed pipe. :rolleyes:

Straatmeid 15-04-2020 23:21

hello good night i am even back i go sleep now

i hope that i not have a nightfemalehorse

sleep tasty

Not for Sale 16-04-2020 01:09

well to rests, tomorrow weather fresh up!

JaapieEleven 16-04-2020 02:20

This topic is ache grappig

Straatmeid 16-04-2020 08:35

yes i am again weather up, but not so fresh :s

there was not a horse in my dream

Mema 16-04-2020 09:29

Last night have I dreamt that the icu was moving to Turkey.

JaapieEleven 16-04-2020 10:11

Ay glove two simulate a hungry game simulation with some forummers. Who may ay joes?

soundforce 16-04-2020 10:22

the sun shines on my screen wherethrough i difficult can read

bloodyb 16-04-2020 11:05


JaapieEleven schreef: (Bericht 34749137)
Ay glove two simulate a hungry game simulation with some forummers. Who may ay joes?

Jor modder.

Straatmeid 16-04-2020 13:09

I find it nice that you along do with speak this language :lief:

Straatmeid 16-04-2020 13:10

serious, i am not in a good humor and you make me laugh

soundforce 16-04-2020 14:52

it is me a pleasure you to help in these times

Macrador 16-04-2020 15:43

I must say that I am under the pressure that people speak good English here. I shocked myself a little hat. That is up my expetings.

Straatmeid 16-04-2020 22:41

Yes macrador we are good he

I stand always to looking how easy it is around it english to speak

I read my books too so. I know not why but the sentences sound weirder, around honest to be, I snap there no gay of

JaapieEleven 18-04-2020 15:46

Positive mind 18-04-2020 18:50

What go You do this weekend?

Straatmeid 18-04-2020 18:59

I study for one exam

Enilorac 18-04-2020 19:02

I go working.

Straatmeid 18-04-2020 19:06

I play with me tits now

Enilorac 18-04-2020 19:08

In mai hed det sounded laik vikkie pollard.

Enilorac 18-04-2020 19:10

Macrador 18-04-2020 19:28

Having you this one already seen?

Straatmeid 18-04-2020 19:37


Enilorac schreef: (Bericht 34749575)
In mai hed det sounded laik vikkie pollard.

yea that was the begoaling :cool:

Straatmeid 18-04-2020 19:38


Macrador schreef: (Bericht 34749590)
Having you this one already seen?


<3 :lief:

Straatmeid 18-04-2020 19:39

"freewilliers"! :D
"free staying" :cool:

LegoSteve2009 18-04-2020 20:36


Macrador 18-04-2020 21:58


PlezierigeDame schreef: (Bericht 34749596)
<3 :lief:

I had to pain my brain to find them back. I know it from out 2010 or so :bloos:
Thanks him I know chocolate rape.

Straatmeid 19-04-2020 07:45

:cool: you are so cool

Regenboog 19-04-2020 10:44

I am yummy on the work :y

Macrador 19-04-2020 11:26

I'm going to drink myself to the balls.

Holland Oates 19-04-2020 11:46

I am lying still in my bed. Lasterevening had the up neeburs a fight, Frommorning the down neeburs.
Now go I little breads eat and coffee drinking.

Oh no, terwhile I this type the next neeburs turn their karaoke masjien on.

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