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EvieMandal 23-09-2021 07:08

Must have Sources For Linux Distros
As it turns out, Red Hat happens to be the largest corporate contributer to GNOME as of 2010. Fedora's close relationship with Red Hat, with people developing both Fedora and GNOME, places the distro in a position to implement many aspects of GNOME before others. Developed by the Community-Supported Fedora Project and sponsored by the Red Hat. Novell is changing the file system software used by default in its Suse Linux operating system, aligning with rival Red Hat and moving away from a project whose future has become entangled with the fate of a murder suspect. Namesys, the company run by murder suspect Hans Reiser, has fallen off the face of the Internet, but the file-system software it was commercializing is still under development by volunteers. Hans Reiser, the 42-year-old founder of the ReiserFS file system software used in some versions of Linux, has been arrested as a suspect in the supposed murder of his estranged wife, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Wednesday. Novell said Thursday that new versions of Suse Linux Enterprise will use ext3 as the default file system, important foundational software that manages how data is stored on hard drives.

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