Oud 18-11-2002, 20:57
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She was pretty oh so pretty
It's such a pity
Everyone would look when she walked by
But she knew to well, and that is why...
her beauty was doomed to die

Every night and every day
She'd look into her mirror and pray
For her beauty to stay
But pretty girl, you can pray and pray
Eventually it will fade away

With her pretty face, she'd look at you
And before you knew
You would drown in love.
And she would only laugh
But her beauty wasn't good enough

Her body wasn't thin enough
So she filled up with diet stuff
But pretty girl, the things you swallow
wil only make you more and more shallow

Pretty girl why can't you see
Your beauty isn't ment to be
And now it's gone
you cannot hide
That there's no beauty left inside
gone's the pride
gone's the pride
nothing, nothing left inside
but pretty girl don't you cry
You're beauty was supposed to die

But she didn't understood
And she paid her surgeon good
Lying in her cold hospital bed
She'd look to him, and he said:
"let me help you, and you will see",
" you'll be as pretty as you used to be"

And she went on and on
Untill het whole own body was gone
She's not herself anymore now
But she needs them to love her somehow
think of this when you're under the knife
pretty girl you've ruined your life

Pretty girl why can't you see
Your beauty wasn't ment to be
And now it's gone
you cannot hide
the ugly girl that's left inside

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Oud 18-11-2002, 21:10
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soms een beetje te geforceerde rijm of een zinnetje dat net neit lekker loopt maar ik vind de boodschap mooi
A master race mentality of liberty for those with superiority. Your moral civilized society is built on brutality and cruelty.
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Oud 19-11-2002, 20:10
hihi hijs chaaaf
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Oud 19-11-2002, 20:16
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*smile* ik vind 'm mooi...doet me denken aan de gehele vrouwlijke populatie in mn school...je weet wel...*knuf*
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