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Ik zit op een amerikaanse school, dus kan gewoon goed engels spreken! We kregen laatst een opdracht voor engelse les! We moesten een kort verhaal schrijven over een vergelijking met prometheus, de god die mensen heeft gemaakt. Hij heeft iets fout gedaan, waardoor Zeus Prometheus aan een steen heeft gebonden als straf. Elke middag kwam een adelaar langs, en die at zijn lever op. Maar omdat prometheus onsterfelijk was, groeide het opnieuw aan, en werd het weer opnieuw opgegeten. en zo ging het maar door. Dus wij moeten een verhaal schrijven over iemand die langzaam van binnen wordt opgegeten. Een verhaal over iemand die iets heeft gedaan, waardoor ze kapot van gaat. Het heeft heel veel te maken met het boek Frankenstein die we hebben gelezen, en ik denk dat jullie hem beter zouden snappen als jullie die hadden gelezen. Dr. Frankenstein heeft dus het monster gemaakt, en door dat monster wordt hij phsychologies helemaal van binnen kapot gemaakt. Dus ik heb ook een verhaal gemaakt. Als jullie geen engels kunnen is het behoorlijk ingewikkeld, dus dan zou ik er maar niet aan beginnen. Als jullie wel engels kunnen, ik hoop dat jullie het een beetje intressant vinden.


Together again

It was one of those moments when nothing could go wrong. Well, there could be certain things that were depressing, proof of the fact that life could never be perfect. Troubles and things that aren’t exactly ‘great’…but those dilemmas disappeared in these rare times of ultimate happiness. That night was one of those moments. It was little after midnight when Hotaru decided she couldn’t sleep, and walked over to her brothers’ room. She leaned over his bed, and whispered his name. He woke up, and looked at her.
“ I can’t sleep,” she whispered. Her brother stretched his arms, and smiled.
“ You want to up on the roof?” he asked. Hotaru nodded, and helped her brother out of his bed. The two siblings got the thick blanket out of the cupboard and climbed up the ladder to the window that opened to the roof of their house. They stepped into the cold air, and lied on the roof tucked in the warm blanket. They looked at the stars, and talked to each other about whatever came up in their minds. Hotaru had a very special bond with her brother. They understood each other completely; no words were needed to know what the other was feeling. Ever since Hotaru could remember, the two were inseparable. In her earlier years Hotaru was teased at school because she was different than the rest. Nobody understood her way of doing things…except her brother. She could talk to her brother about her passion for chemistry, and how she wanted to become a chemist when she would grow up. She could talk to her brother about how she had a feeling she didn’t belong in this world, how she was different. She could talk to her brother about anything, and her brother would try to understand her as best as possible. She couldn’t imagine a life without her brother, she couldn’t imagine not being with him.
As Hotaru’s brother was talking about a cute girl at his work, Hotaru shivered.
“ What’s wrong?” he asked. “Are you cold?” Hotaru nodded. “ You want me to get another blanket?”
“ Could you? That would be great!” Hotaru said sincerely. She watched her brother stand up, and try to keep his balance. “Watch out,” she warned him. What happened next was totally

unpredictable, her brother tried to step over her leg to get to the window. But instead of stepping over it, her brother tripped over her leg. Hotaru screamed, and tried to grab his arms he was wobbling around wildly. The next thing she could remember, her brother was gone from the roof. She screamed again, stoned to the roof. It was as if she was paralyzed, she couldn’t think, move, do anything except scream.
Hotaru sat up in her bed, in a shock, all covered in sweat. It was a nightmare, she realized, and she felt hot tears rolling over her cheeks. It wasn’t a nightmare…it was a recalling of an event that happened in real life 3 years ago. She cried in her bed, weeping over her brother that she missed so intensely. She couldn’t go back to sleep, afraid that the memories of the past would come back to hunt her. She got up to make a cup of coffee. She walked over to the bookshelf and looked for the book on mythology. When she found it, she sat down on the couch and flipped through a couple of pages. Hotaru loved mythology, it gave her a sense that the world she was living on wasn’t the only place in the universe, that somewhere else in life, there were creatures watching over them. Her favorite character of Greek Mythology was Prometheus, the cousin of Zeus and creator of mankind. She liked admired him so much because she found that he was very similar to herself. Like Prometheus, Hotaru’s biggest wish was to create mankind. Except Hotaru didn’t want to create a whole population of life, she wanted to recreate one special person; her brother.
After her brother had fallen from the roof, and Hotaru had finally come to her senses and awoke from her paralyzing shock, she ran to the spot where her brother had fallen. The tears were still rolling down her cheeks as she bent over him and checked if his pulse was still beating. It was not. Hotaru sat on the ground, next to the body of her dead brother. She didn’t know what to think. The only thing she could think of was what she was going to do. After what seemed like a decade of silence, Hotaru decided to hide the body in her garage. She didn’t know what she should to with it, but until she did, she would hide the body under a few blankets. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that Hotaru came up with the plan of bringing her brother back to life. The second she thought of it, she knew it was exactly the right thing to do.

Her life without her brother had been terrible. It was quiet, and she was alone. Her family didn’t know Hotaru had killed her brother, they all thought he had mysteriously disappeared; ran away or something. There was no other possibility, and it was the only explanation possible. Hotaru couldn’t even think of telling her parents that she had killed her own brother, it would be too horrifying. She herself, after 3 whole years, hadn’t even accepted the fact that she killed her brother.
Since Hotaru was especially interested in the knowledge of Science, she knew that there was a sample of the body needed in order to clone an organism. In 1997 the first mammal was cloned, and since then the subject of cloning had become very huge. It was now 2012, and the cloning of humans was still not successive. But Hotaru was positive that with her knowledge of science, she could bring her brother back to life. That evening she had collected a couple of hairs, a blood sample, and a piece of nail from the rotting and decaying body that lay in the garage. She had dumped the body in the river afterwards, positive that that body would reappear alive once again. Now, almost 3 years later, Hotaru was still busy with bringing her brother back to life.
Just like every single morning for the past 2 and a half years, Hotaru found it was time to continue on her mission of creating her brother back to life. She walked over to the bookcase, and pulled out the book “Frankenstein”, which opened the secret passageway to her laboratory. It was a very small lab. There was a table in the middle, with her books, chemical samples, and materials on it, and a bookshelf on the left wall with her necessary science books in it. All the walls were white, but the color had faded to gray on some spots because of the chemical explosions that would sometimes occur. Also, there was terrible pollution in Tokyo, and all the smoke was let into her lab through the small hole covered with bars in the right hand corner of the wall.
Hotaru’s brother was brought to life on November 13th 2012; exactly 3 years after her brother had died. The reaction of her brother, when he opened his eyes for the first time in 3 years was unforgettable, a memory printed in the mind of Hotaru forever. It was as if he had

never seen the world before, as if he was a newborn baby trapped in the body of a 32 year old man.
“ Where am I...,” her brother asked.
“ It’s me,” Hotaru said, looking into his eyes. “Hotaru, your sister!” She didn’t recognize the look in his eyes. It wasn’t the sincere gentle look her brother used to have when he was still alive. The eyes staring at her now where cold as ice, emotionless.
“ I don’t understand,” he said. Hotaru noticed that his voice had also changed. His voice always used to be very soothing, gentle and soft. The voice that was speaking to her was stiff and rough, not anything like it was 3 years ago.
“ Do you remember anything of your past?” Hotaru asked.
“ No…my mind is blank.” Hotaru sat next to her brother, and touched his arm, but he moved it away and shifted his chair more to the left. Hotaru felt a wave of shock come over her. This wasn’t her brother…it couldn’t be. Her brother was passionate, loving, warm…this man wasn’t any of that. It was the body of a brother, with the soul of a different man in it. The man sitting in front of her didn’t know anything about her, nor about himself. She felt like she was going to cry any moment. Her hope, her wish that she had had for 3 whole years had been ruined the instant it had come true.
“ Do u know who you are?” The man shook his head. “ I do,” she whispered, her voice trembling.
“ Well then, tell me who I am, where I am, how I came here, and what I am supposed to do here!” Her brother said his voice demanding.
“ Well, you’re my brother…you died when 3 years ago, on November 13th 2009, when you were 29.” Hotaru told him the whole story from top to bottom, about how she accidentally killed him, about their special bond, about how she had missed him so much, and about how she had worked 3 long years on bringing him back to life.
“ So…I am your brother?” he asked.
“ I think so…you look exactly like he did, but your voice and your eyes…they aren’t the

same as my brothers’.”
“ So, maybe I am a different person in the body of your brother,” the man suggested.
“ That may very well be possible,” Hotaru answered softly. They sat in silence for a few minutes when the man started talking.
“ Do your parents know you killed me?”
“ No, they think you somehow mysteriously disappeared, I really couldn’t tell them I killed you…”
“ So…are you going to tell them I’m back again or something? Won’t it be a really big shock to them that 3 years after the death of their son, he has been brought back to life by his lunatic sister?”
“ I’m not going to tell them.”
“ What do you mean?”
“ Exactly what I said! I won’t tell them that I brought you back to life!”
“ So you’re going to hide me from them?” he asked. Hotaru nodded.
“ I have to hide you from more people…” Hotaru whispered.
“ From more people? Who?”
“ Well, all the people that think you’re dead! Our whole family, friends…”
“ It sounds like I won’t even be able to go outside because you would be afraid that someone who knew your brother will see me,” he laughed. His laugh was exactly the same as the laugh her brother had, Hotaru noticed. That gave her little hope. “ I will be able to go outside won’t I?” he asked.
“ It would be safer if you didn’t,” Hotaru said, looking in his eyes. Her brother looked at her as if she had taken the most precious thing he owned.
“ You can’t be serious!” he yelled.
“ I am,” Hotaru said calmly. “ I can’t take the risk of you being recognized on street, that would be the end of me! I made you…brought you back to life so I could be with you again. I can’t let you go outside.”

“ But I have to go outside!”
“ No you don’t. I can bring you food, you can eat as much as you want. I’ll buy you a cell phone, so we can talk anytime. I work every morning and afternoon, but at night I will be with you. You can do anything here, listen to music, watch movies, read…you just can’t go outside.”
“ But I have to go outside! What about friends?”
“ You’ll have me!”
“ I don’t want you!” the man yelled. It was as if someone had drained the life out of Hotaru’s body. Her brother didn’t want her. She had expected him to be happy to see her again, that they would have moments of joy, laughter, and passion like they used to have when he was still alive. But he didn’t want her to be with him. “ I am not you brother,” the man said. “ You can’t expect me to love you like your brother did. I just want to be like a normal person…” There was a big silence, and the tears rolled down Hotaru’s cheeks.
“ Don’t you understand why I can’t let you outside?” Hotaru asked desperately.
“ Yeah…I do. But I can’t…I can’t stay in this tiny room for the rest of my life! I am 32, most people die when they are around 80 years old! How can I stay in this small dark hole for 48 years or possibly more?”
“ I don’t know…” Hotaru whispered.
“ Didn’t you think about any of this before you made me?!”
“ Yes…no…I don’t know. I didn’t think it would be like this!” Hotaru cried.
“ Well it is! And you can’t torture me by keeping me here for the rest of my life!” the man yelled. “ If you won’t let me outside, I’ll find I way of doing it myself.”
“ No, you can’t do that!” she yelled.
“ And you can’t keep me locked up!” There was another silence, and the tears were still rolling down Hotaru’s cheeks.
“ I’m sorry,” the man whispered. “I know you miss you brother, and you want him back, but I guess you can’t have him. You have to live your life without him. You can’t expect me to act like your brother did, I can’t change my ways.” Hotaru knew he was right, but she felt hopeless.

She didn’t know what to do. As much as she wanted to, she couldn’t free the man sitting next to her. But she couldn’t keep him in here either, that would be torture like he said.
“ I don’t know what to do,” Hotaru confessed. “ But I think that as long as I don’t know, you should stay here.”
“ When are you going to have a new plan?” the man asked.
“ I don’t know…I truly am very sorry, I didn’t mean for any of this to happen, I thought everything would be the way I planned it to be.”
“ Okay,” the man said. “ I’ll stay here for a while. Can you get some food for me though, I’m starving!”
For the next two weeks Hotaru went through hell. Every evening when she came home, her brother asked her again and again when he could go outside, and every time Hotaru’s answer was “I don’t know.” Hotaru knew that her brother was going through a very rough period, he called her a lot at work, complaining about how he felt miserable and about how he wanted to go outside. He couldn’t stand the tiny clammy room he had been living in for such a long time. But Hotaru herself was being tortured also. It hurt her to see her brother every night, excited to talk to him. But her expectations and hopes vanished the moment he started talking, and she realized that this wasn’t her brother at all. She wished she didn’t have to see him so often, so that the memories of her precious past with her brother wouldn’t keep flowing around her mind. She wished she had spent her 3 years of creating this man on something else instead, so she could have forgotten about her brother and not has to live through pain every single day. She was being eaten up inside, and there was nothing she could do to stop it.
One afternoon, her brother warned her that he couldn’t take it any longer. He said that he couldn’t stand living like this, that it was too hard. He said that he would take actions, either with or without her permission. Hotaru had said he should hold on for a few more days, that she would come up with a plan. But her brother was sick of the waiting. Hotaru had said each and every day
that she was closer to the plan, and that he would be able to go outside now, but it had been 3
months and he still hadn’t seen the outside world.

Hotaru had been thinking at her work, and she, like the past few months, could not come up with a plan to hide him from the world. She was certain she could come up with something, but she had given up on it, she felt hopeless and alone. When she returned home that evening, and opened the bookcase to her lab, she was surprised not to hear any music playing. She opened the door, and looked inside. The room was empty. Her biggest fear had become a reality, the clone of her brother was walking around freely in the open world. What if someone who had known her brother saw him? What would happen then? Would he tell that person that she had killed him? That she had knocked her brother off the roof because she wanted him to go inside and get a blanket? Would she say that she had made an exact replica of her brother to satisfy her needs, and kept him from the world because she didn’t want to tell her parents her brother wasn’t dead? What would happen to her? Hotaru couldn’t go through any of this. She didn’t want to go to jail for killing her brother. She didn’t want to be blamed for lying. The only thing she had ever wanted was to be with her brother.
It was a world of white. The air was white, the words were white, and the sounds were white. Everything was white. Hotaru looked the same as she had always looked, except for one difference; she had wings. So did all the other people in this place. She smiled at the man sitting across from her. His eyes were sympathetic, warm. His voice was soothing, and gentle. It was one of those moments when nothing could go wrong. That night was one of those moments

*I bite my tong, every time you come around. Cause blood in my mouth beats blood on the ground*
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