Oud 17-11-2001, 16:53
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I've known you for just a short time, about 2% of my life
But you've become someone very special and dear to my heart

Where do we go from here? I really haven't got a clue
All I know is how I feel,I don't know what to do.
Where do we go from here? I only wish I knew
How can two people be so in love and yet feel so blue?

Where do we go from here? That's what I'd really like to know
Our love is bound by chains. It has no place left to go
Where do we go from here? Stuck between being lovers and being friends..
At the moment my mind is just full with feelings...with thoughts that I can't place,these few days I've been living in a daze.

I couldn't believe that what I felt for him I could feel for someone else
Now what you confessed to feel for me I admit I feel for you just as well

Where do we go from here? I don't want to be untrue to you...and neither to myself
There's no way at this time I can love you the way we both might want me to
Where do we go from here?We just have to be only friends.
Your happiness is my concern and I never want to break your heart

So where do we go from here? There's no way to be sure
The diagnosis can't be denied, both lovesick with no discovered cure
Where do we go from here? We can't let this disease take it's course
How will we maintain control over such a powerful force?

Where do we go from here? I really haven't got a clue
do you?....

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Oud 17-11-2001, 17:02
de wijze jodokus
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als ik ooit een goede les heb geleerd in mijn leven is volg je gevoel..

wees niet altijd bang

laat niets liefde in de weg staan


Lees de Sp!ts en denk niet na/ loop de massa achterna/stel geen vragen geen gemaar/het staat gedrukt dus is het waar
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Oud 17-11-2001, 17:06
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wederom een mooi gedicht!
"Preaching revolution, anarchy and change Sucked from the system that had given him his name"
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Oud 18-11-2001, 19:51
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dank je wel...
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