Oud 11-04-2002, 16:26
the Comebackkid
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Get out! /

Too many things I did for fun, now I know I should have never done / Too many times I had bad luck / Thatís the way it goes. I donít give a fuck /

Get out! / I gotha get outha here /
Get out! / Get the fuck outha here / Get out!

People talking shitÖwhat can I say / if they donít want to look in a different way / Iím getting stronger and you must see / You donít mean shit at all to me! / Ghosts from the past is what Iím fighting against / now itís time to fucking change / Time to do whatís right / Who gives a fuck I canít sleep at night / Fuck those excuses, do whatís right / Time to do whatís right /

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