Oud 26-02-2004, 11:27
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wat vinden jullie ervan
Teksten at your funeral

1. Lyrics by Elien Cleemput
So many emotions running loose
How can just one person bear so much pain
I ask you...
Itís running thru your veins
I know it,
I can feel it
Let it drift away
Your eyes are seeking comfort
Was it you that made the decision
Itís time now
Feel tears running down my face
Youíre gone
Hope you'll feel better up there
While your spirit's running loose
And your body's under the grounds of what we call home...
Farewell, my friend
Hope I'll see you later
I don't know when later will be
Your life has just begun

2 Lyrics by Elien Cleemput

Already knew the story
Knew you would leave
Still you broke my heart today
You hurted me
This pain will never leave
Trying to cry but I can't
Wonder if it's a good sign
Donít think so
Canít stand the thought of seeing you tomorrow
Isnít easy
Trying to forget your face
Nothing seems normal now
How can I be laughing now
Am I still ignoring what you said?
Want to kiss you
Will I ever forget?
Wonít be able to bear this pain once more

3. Lyrics by Wim Van den Brande

All the pain you guided me trough.
You made me bleed,
I have no blood
You made me cry,
I have no tears
You brought me pain,
Look at the pain
Nothing was here to stay.
Iím breaking,
Iím falling,
Iím crawling.
All your beauty,
Made me taste death
For the first time
I am already forgotten.

Kheb er nog 3 maar die staan bij iemand anders , die komen nog
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Oud 27-02-2004, 15:39
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Hmm, wat voor muziek hoort erbij?
Dat heb je soms...
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Oud 27-02-2004, 23:19
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kdenk dat het donker achtige muziek ofzo is? metal-doom? zulke dingen?
mwuah denk ik? - struikelt over lieveheersbeestje-
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Oud 28-02-2004, 08:40
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Wat wil je precies van ons horen?. Qua tekst of muziek?.
Dat je wou dat je nog kind was...
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Oud 28-02-2004, 12:19
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gewoon , de sfeer , inhoud ...

Inderdaad doom-death metal achtig

EDIT: 3 teksten bijgekomen
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Oud 28-02-2004, 12:21
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4.Lyrics by Gregory Verleysen + Wim Van den Brande

Iím surrounded by lies
I only bring pain
I am the lie
Iím not who I pretend
The darkness deep inside
Where nobodyís able to find
I feed myself with lies
The outside brings light
Deep in me
I keep the darkness

5.Lyrics by Gregory Verleysen + Wim Van den Brande

The fall has come
Leaves giving op
Flowers dying
My world turns grey with no feeling
I lose myself in the forest of my mind

Fog appears
Everything is false
Nothingís getting clear
Iím living a live of confusion

6.Lyrics by Gregory Verleysen + Wim Van den Brande

Winter came
My land left behind frozen
In winter came death ,waiting to take everything he saw

All alone, lost in my own fantasy
Lonely waiting for a second soul

Pain came into my heart
Tears left my body gently
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