Oud 18-12-2001, 15:09
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Ik wil graag weten wa jullie der van vinden..

Blood sugars fucked
Cancer spreading fast
Fear eating at my soul
A once logical mind going mad
Why me?
What did I do?
I just wanted to help people
Take their burdens from them for awhile
Too much stress
So little time
I wish for my life
When I dreamed the days away
Creating wonderful stories at night
To sustain me throughout the day
I wish for a magical stop watch
One which can beat the cycle of time
One that can remember me
Like I use to be
I was so brave back then
I didn't see it until now
I always thought I was weak
So scared to show defeat
Yet I know better now
A trail of tears stains my pale cheaks
All illusions gone
This is true weakness
Sure everyone says I'm being so brave and strong
Yet they won't show me their pity filled eyes
The nurses say I'm handleing it so well
Yet I was in school
I know all about that line of bullshit
A little girl is my roommate now
We share the room where people die she says
I pat a spot on my bed
She creeps over and cuddles in
Whispering she is so afraid
She doesn't want to die
She is only eight
Guilt cuts through the remains of my soul
I at least had a taste of life
She has had nothing but the shaddow of death
I hold her close and grab her hand
We will go together I promise her
Then we won't be all alone
Sleep claims us at last
We both slip of into heaven that night
Still holding each others hand
Knowing we will finally be alright.
Sorry, Was I screaming again?
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Oud 18-12-2001, 15:12
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sow! echt heel mooi! maar ook wel behoorlijk zielig.
Martijn, I love you!!!
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Oud 18-12-2001, 18:21
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thnx meid...
Sorry, Was I screaming again?
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